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Magical School Assemblies!
“Matthew Taylor is one of the most entertaining teaching artists you will ever meet!”

About Us

School Assembly Programs is what we do! Matthew Taylor has performed an average of 250+ school assemblies every year for over 15 years--that’s a lot of time perfecting his craft.  He’s received thousands of teacher reactions over the years, and the shows we present to you on this site spring directly from what real educators like you have asked for! Most school performers are content to charge hundreds of dollars just to deliver lip service to the supposed curriculum of the show.  From start to finish, our shows work to instill values and stimulate critical thinking.  We charge a fair price that schools can afford, and we always try to leave the school better than we found it!  We take our subjects very seriously.  The magic words in our shows are always “Please” and “Thank You!” We bring everything we need for the show except for two adult-size chairs (any type)!  We provide the backdrop, tables, sound system, and everything else needed to make the assembly a success.  We are always happy to help set up chairs for teachers and assist in getting your Gym, Cafeteria, or “CafeGymneTorium” ready for the show. Best of all, we offer an amazing range of shows that cover both character-building and STEAM topics. We are ready to add you to our itinerary!
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