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Magical School Assemblies!
“Matthew Taylor is one of the most entertaining teaching artists you will ever meet!”


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will it Cost? The first show is 500.00; additional performances in the same location are 200.00.  An additional performance of the same program on the same day in a different nearby location (some restrictions apply) is 250.00.  Please e-mail us for further details.    Additional discounts for extended local tours may apply; check with us for details!  We do assess a travel fee for some areas; please check with us for your specific location. Immediate discounted rates available from the Cincinnati Arts Association Artist On Tour Program!

How Many Shows Can You Perform in a Day?

Two per school (back-to-back or one morning and afternoon), but we sometimes schedule a double in the morning for one school and a single or double performance in the afternoon at a second school nearby if time permits.

Why Should We Book You?

Our programs are Fun, Entertaining and Educational.  Once you’ve seen one of our shows, you’ll join the long list of schools that Matthew has performed at for years!

How Do We Request a Performance?

Click Here to go to our Appearance Request web form!
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